As a Server, you set the stage and have a direct impact on each guest’s experience and BODEGA’s overall brand. This training will focus on making each guest feel welcome and cared for while giving you the tools to navigate daily tasks and routines around the restaurant.

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We take great pride in serving quality local food with friendly, responsive service. Our high standards can only be maintained through great people like you who share our values and desire to bring our best to each guest every day. As a server, it is essential to maintain a friendly and caring attitude at all times. The following guidelines have been established to help in your efforts to provide this experience to our guests.

Along with the hands-on training you will receive, this training will provide answers to questions you may have regarding your tasks, responsibilities and operating procedures for BODEGA. We believe employees are the most important resource a business can have and that BODEGA’s success depends on creating an exceptional dining experience for every guest, every time.

FOH Do's

Know your schedule and what time to be here for each shift.

Get familiar with the daily specials and what they cost.

Make eye contact with guests when taking an order.

Be helpful and patient with your guests as much as possible.

Get to know your team and managers.

FOH Don'ts

Don’t lean or write on the tables when taking orders.

Don’t crouch down on your knees to take orders unless necessary to make the guest comfortable.

Never handle a glass by the rim or put your hand over the drinking surface area.

Never handle silverware with your hand over the eating surface.

When handling plates or food, never let your hand touch the eating surface or the food.

Don’t stand around or lean on things, there is always something to help with.

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“When you’re at the table make sure you’re mind is at the table too.”

Guests can tell when their server is not totally present with them at the table, and this typically can have a negative impact on the guests’ experience and the tip they leave.

If you get behind, ask for assistance. Keep yourself geared up so that you are ready for any rush. We can always be running clean-up, wiping shelves or the POS stations, taking dishes to the back, etc. A server should never go into, or leave, the kitchen empty handed. Full hands in, full hands out!

Always be sure that all your food is secure when you leave the kitchen. Never attempt to carry too much. Two safe trips are better than one catastrophe. Walk quickly, but never run. This will prevent serious accidents and extra work for everyone. If an order is delayed in the kitchen, be sure to inform your guests immediately. Never hide from guests or mistakes.

Use your time wisely. When out on the floor, check all tables before going back to the kitchen. Don’t go to one table then go to the kitchen- consolidate your trips. Fill up all glasses in your section, clear all plates, and then move on to something else. This is a secret to running volume and making more in tips.

Always try to take out complete orders. If the entire order is ready except for a side order, like a vegetable, take out the entrees and have someone follow you in a few seconds with the side order. Don’t let the entrees get cold because of a side order. Everything goes out hot.

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Be present, don’t hide from your guests.
If your entire section clears at one time, instead of taking multiple orders just take one, then go to the next table and tell them you will be right back to take their order. Take drinks and appetizers out to the first table, and then go to the others. If you use this method in taking orders, you will find that your food will be out more consistently on time, and you will give much better service over all with more time to converse with your guests.

People look for more than just good service and food when they go out today, they want a total dining experience. They look for that little extra personal touch which only you as their server can give them. Never spend more than two minutes away form your station. Anytime you wait on a guest, put yourself in their place and ask if you would be happy with the job you did at that table.

If one person asks for something at a table, make sure you ask everyone at the table if they too would like that item. This will save you a lot of extra trips. If one person requests more tea, ask everyone at the table if they need more tea. When pouring tea or water, never handle the rim of the glass and always take the glass off the table and pour in the aisle. Whenever you are reaching across someone or serving in front of someone, excuse yourself. Always keep your fingers and thumb off the plates you serve.

Guest Do's

Pay special attention to parties of one as they are generally in and out quicker than other parties, and are usually the best percentage tippers.

Let late guests know we are not rushing them, but we must get their order because the kitchen is closing. Treat them as though they are the first guests of the evening.

If you are having a problem with another employee, go directly to the manager. Do not harass the employee.

When needing to use the bathroom or take a break during your shift, ask someone to please watch your section while you are gone.  

Guest Don'ts

Never sit down with a guest or friend while on duty.

If a customer offers to buy you a drink, tell them you will be happy to accept the offer another time, when you are off duty.

A tip should never be removed from a table while the customer is still there. Unless, however, the customer hands it to you or motions for you to come and get it.

Unauthorized persons are not allowed in the kitchen. If one appears, politely but firmly escort them out and get the manager, or the team member they wanted to speak to.

Do not change your section or pick up extra tables without the consent of the manager on duty.